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Monday, April 11, 2011

"Beauty & The Beast" - NYC 2011 IMATS


A regular show in L.A. and Toronto, 2011 is the first year New York City hosted the IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show). MEHRON (who also sponsored the film "When Bobby Met Larry") was one of the many companies showcasing their products at the trade show. Instead of using models, Meagan Hester who is the key make-up SPFX artist for MEHRON suggested they use actors! Although I've worked on many film/theater productions with Meagan Hester and MEHRON, this was my first live performance as a Disney character......THE BEAST! Unlike theater, this called for the actors to interact with the public and use their improv ability to bring forth a real sense of the characters. From, the Beast to a walking zombie.....It was indeed a SPECTACLE!
Meagan also brought on another very talented SPFX artist by the name of Jason Milani. Both blew the competition away and allowed MEHRON to become one of this year's IMAT sensations.

In the process of being made into the BEAST

Who said being an artist is all glitz and glam?! Actors had to be on set early on Sunday morning to prep them for the show. Between applying prosthetic pieces, makeup and crep hair, (hair applied to the BEAST) it took SPFX artist Meagan Hester 3 1/2 - 4 hours....Now I know why I have such a flat ass!

None-the-less the end product was a true success and everyone absolutely loved it! I wowed show goers and scared little kids....it was great!

Check out more pics in the next post!

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