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Thursday, July 8, 2010

IT'S HOT!!!!

Hope you had a kick ass fourth!!! Just like the past few days, my professional career has been pretty "CALIENTE". I am currently working on my very own production which consists of 5 strong characters I have developed in the course of two years. Although I will be performing each character; this short film consists of a collaboration of different talents besides myself. I have connected with some fabulous and very talented people in the industry who believe in me and are also eagered to make this idea come to life. As we come closer to shooting this production and details are ironed out, I will mention the key players. As of now I am working with my artistic director and SPFX make-up artist Meagan Hester who has numerous accomplishments in film and television under her belt. She will undoubtedly help me bring these characters to life. These characters among others will also be featured live in my one man show titled "A One Night Stand with Carlos Gonzalez", coming in 2011.

Stay tuned as I will be discussing my debut on the big screen opposite Luis Antonio Ramos and Kate Del Castillo in "The Miracle of Spanish Harlem"(promo furnished below). I'll also mention my debut on my first music video for the song "AMAZING", which I co- wrote and collaborated with producer, lyricist and song writer Melo and R&B artist Marlon Febres. This specific song has received lots of radio play in some parts of Latin America, Europe and Puerto Rico. This was produced by The MVPz and is my debut as a lyrical artist. This is a club beat track mixed to some very hip, sexy and of course funny bi-lingial lyrics. How can a song be both sexy and funny? I guess you'll just have to check it out for yourself!!

Thanks for tuning in!!! May you arrive at extraordinary places and take evolutionary steps!

Promo courtesy of Vista Clara Productions