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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"When Bobby Met Larry"

I have been working on various films. One of which I am proud to say is my very own!!! Titled "When Bobby Met Larry" (hence the title of this blog) is a short comedy about five interesting characters that somehow meet and affect one another in MANY ways. Although the actual concept was developed many years ago, it wasn't until this last year that everything came together.

"When Bobby Met Larry" involves five principal characters: Bobby, Guiseppi, Rosa, Will and of course Larry! It defines the importance that exists in the bond we must have with different generations in our families, while focusing on the hilarity of those differences. Combined with the uptight, prude and gullible character of Bobby and the eccentric and flamboyant gay and confident character of Larry brings us to the conclusion that opposites do indeed attract....or do they?

From Will's crazy outrageous outbursts in the kitchen to Rosa's sassy, confident and snappy remarks this is a short comedy which is definitely not at all "short" of being FUNNY and very entertaining!

Directed by Phil Coccioletti, co-directed by Jessica Hester and produced by SugarCamp Films. Written and performed by Carlos A. Gonzalez. Key SPFX make-up artist and character art director Meagan Hester.

Stay tuned for much more pics, behind the scenes footage and interviews coming soon......