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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The characters of "When Bobby Met Larry"

"When Bobby Met Larry" is a film that is not only funny because of the dialogue, but also because of the characters which seem to posses a very animated and fun quality. Meet the characters of "When Bobby Met Larry".....


Giuseppe plays Bobby's grandfather who tries to school him about becoming more confident and getting a WOMAN! As any paternal role model, Giuseppe wants Bobby to be happy and feel secure when it comes to the ladies. It is bobby's awkward and uptight ways that concern Giuseppe. It is at this very restaurant where Giuseppe tries to teach Bobby how to get a young lady's attention, which of course for Bobby gets twisted up and lost in translation.


Meet RRRRosa! She is vivacious, spontaneous and electric! Here I brought all of the fun aspects of the Latin stereotype into play. Her personality is as vibrant as her clothing. She not only is a waitress, but knows every single regular costumer. Although very attentive to her costumers and a delight to interact with, she has no patcience when it comes to Will and his impoliteness. She is as sassy as Larry in her own right. She has an answer for everything and although posesses a warm heart, if you rub her the wrong way, she will most definitely let you know.


Larry is not only flamboyant in his way of dressing, but even in his physical appearance. When developing the physical aspects of this particular character, we found out that an over bearing chin is a sign of confidence and even a sign of someone who cheats. Here I thought all along that people who cheated were insecure! HA! Well, not so in this case. Larry is definitely over confident and has an ego as big as his chin. Although somewhat cocky, he has a playful and vibrant personality and often dines at this restaurant where he develops a friendship with the waitress Rosa. His favorite line is "Oh girl, pleeeease"


Will is a cook at the restaurant. His favorite line is "Gabriel Ramsey ain't got nuttin' on me!" Although he is great at dicing and splicing in the kitchen, Will's knife is much more sharper than he could ever be. With a short temper and crazy attitude, Will is the quintessential character to set up punchlines and help drive other characters that interact with him such as Rosa. He also often complains a lot, especially being all greased up and hot in the kitchen.


As shown above in the bright yellow shirt with plaid pants, Bobby is an awkward but likable guy. He is quirky, nerdy and at times very shy. It is his unusual relationship with his grandfather Giuseppe and his even bizarre relationship later established with Larry that makes you wonder what is going on with Bobby? I kept this character as simple in comparison to the others because he his very simplistic and almost child like in his ways. More gullible than a 7 year old, Bobby although shy and awkward also has a trusting quality.

Fore more details on the make-up and development of these characters, check out http://meaganhesterspfxmakeup.blogspot.com/

Please stay tuned for behind the scenes footage coming soon.....